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Mrs. Clay

Phone: 781-2671

Email: jclay@burtonschools.org

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Mrs. Clay

Room #705 
Welcome! I’m Janet Clay. I am currently a language arts teacher for eighth grade, and I have been teaching for the Burton School District for ten years. I was born and raised in Visalia, California. I am a widow with three lovely daughters; Kelly, Christy, and Tara, and my grandchildren include Ryken, Daxzen, Catherine, Grayson, and soon to be Jace.

My credentials include a Bachelor of Science in Business from Fresno State University, a Bachelor of Arts in Teaching from Fresno State, and a Master’s Degree in Language Arts and Reading from Fresno Pacific University.
As an eighth grade teacher, I believe, from personal experience working with seventh and eighth grade students, that they have a tendency to think that reading and writing are not important. They are unable to see the importance of clearly understanding written communication. Today, everything is done electronically where grammar, punctuation, and spelling are completely disregarded. This unstructured form of communication develops reading and writing habits that lead to poor communication. It is my goal to combine technology with reading and writing so that students who struggle with writing due to inefficient comprehension and reading strategies will be able to develop the skills needed to succeed.  Proficient reading and writing skills must be developed to prepare students for high school, and, even everyday life, in order to succeed academically and professionally. 
I look forward to teaching your student. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. I would also like to thank you for all that you do for your student.
Thanks for helping make your child’s year a success!